You have already achieved substantial success in your career. You have the potential to rise to more senior levels and realize that growing your leadership capacity is essential to enable the next step. In addition to strategic and leadership challenges as they apply to your scope, you may be facing one or more of the following:

  • I want to achieve an impact that confirms my potential to management
  • I want to take more control over my career trajectory
  • I’ve recently taken on a new role, and am facing challenges that are new to me
  • What worked for me as a front-line supervisor isn’t working at a more senior level
  • I’m struggling with a boss or other relationship that is important to my career
  • I’ve received (or not received) feedback that is impacting my confidence
  • I would like more balance in my work and personal life

Our approach is designed to re-energize your career and deliver the following outcomes:

  • Identify/confirm your strengths, skills, and values
  • Gain clarity on your mission and your sense of purpose
  • Determine what you really want in your career, and how to get there
  • Overcome obstacles in your progress or decision making
  • Improve your leadership presence & confidence
  • Achieve a better balance in your work and personal life