Our Inspired Leadership blended learning programs will accelerate the development of your early career managers and emerging leaders

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NOW is the right time to invest in your future leaders!

Most organizations today are facing a shortage of talent driven by the retirement of the baby boom generation and the rapid level of disruption brought on by technology and innovation.

There is an urgent need to develop early career talent as quickly as possible in order to fill managerial and leadership roles.

A top-down approach where the only decisions makers are managers is no longer effective in today’s workplace. Employees at all levels need to see themselves as having the ability to exercise leadership. Managers must be equipped to support through collaboration and coaching.

To meet this growing need, we’ve become a certified channel partner with Inspired Leadership, a global leadership training and development firm. Together, The Merkel Group, LLC and Inspired Leadership deliver a high-touch yet cost effective “blended learning” experience to your high-potential candidates.

All Inspired Leadership training programs include:

  • 360 leadership surveys to create self-awareness
  • Self-directed online learning modules
  • Practical workplace application challenges
  • Regular quizzes to reinforce learned concepts
  • Guided reflection
  • Live group coaching sessions to share and cement learnings
  • Upline manager engagement
  • Measurable impact

This unique approach generates a high-impact development experience that is comparable to hiring an executive coach at a fraction of the cost.

Learn more about the Inspired Leadership Programs below:

Emerging Leader Program

This well-rounded program provides individual contributors with the skills and self-awareness to be more influential in their current roles, and prepares them for supervisory positions.

Manager to Leader Program

This powerful program will inspire your early career managers to establish themselves as authentic leaders who are self-aware, create a positive work environment for their people, and drive business results.

Leadership Training

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